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 Recycling makes sense and with your help we can make a big difference.


We have put a lot of time and effort and money into developing the design of our custom-built trucks.

Although we use a dedicated recycling truck in some urban areas, most of our trucks are custom built with separate compartments for rubbish and recycling which we believe is a more environmentally friendly approach in rural and semi-rural areas. These trucks collect rubbish and recycling at the same time, burning much less fuel than using two separate trucks.

Kleana Bins is the only locally owned company providing a rubbish and recycling service throughout Tauranga District and most of Western Bay of Plenty District.

We  use degradable liners in all our bins. Our unique processes are combined to create better value, service and environmental benefits for our customers.

Not only is this better value for money for our customers but it is also significantly reducing our carbon footprint.





What can be recycled?

Paper, cardboard, aluminium and steel cans and type 1 and 2 plastics. These need to be clean and not contaminated with food waste.

From March 2018 Glass (bottles and Jars etc) cannot be recycle. West Management Recycling Plant at Te Manga no longer will accept glass as the broken glass is contaminating the other recycling causing more material to be sent to landfill.

    Type 1 & type 2 plastics: you can find these symbols at the bottom of the plastic containers.


What canít be recycled?

Polystyrene meat trays, some types of plastic, pizza boxes,  glass. If in doubt ask your driver or phone our office.

How can you help?

Full Service customers - when your recycling bag is full, tie the tags together and then tie the handles, leave the bag beside or on top of your bin on collection day. Please note that we will only collect recycling bags when we collect your rubbish.


Kerbside customers - simply put all your recycling in the recycling bin and when it is full, put it out at the side of the road on collection day. Please do not overfill the bin or leave other material beside the bin.

Please flatten all paper, cardboard, plastic bottles and cans as much as possible (un-flattened plastic bottles in particular take up too much space and may not be recycled as a result).