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General Rubbish Bins:

We accept most household waste e.g. food scraps, packaging, paper,  plastic containers, cans etc. We cannot accept hazardous waste, rocks, soil, concrete, construction waste, car parts, steel, ash etc.

Acceptable Recycling:

Paper, Cardboard, Aluminium and Tin Cans, Plastic Containers types 1 and 2 (Mainly milk containers, soft drink bottles and some janitorial bottles).

Garden Rubbish:

We can accept Garden Waste but the moisture content in this material can sometimes cause your bin to become overweight. Grass clippings are the major contributor to overweight bins. While we are happy to take them, we will need to adjust the price of your collection if the maximum weight is exceeded

Weight Limits:

Tip fees are charged on weight and therefore it is important to set a reasonable weight limit for each bin size. Maximum weights are Full Size (240 Litre) Wheelie Bins 50kgs and Half Size (120 Liter) Wheelie Bins 25kgs.
These limits are generally only exceeded when garden waste or heavy items are added (large amounts of paper for example). Should your bin be overweight we will contact you to discuss a remedy for future collections, however you will incur an extra cost to cover the extra tip costs.

Kerbside and Rural Roadside Rubbish Collections:

Please put bins out by 7.00 a.m. on collection day . If we call at your address and the rubbish bin is not out, the normal collection charge will apply if you dont require a collection you need to contact us by 3 p.m. the working day before your collection so it can be taken off the list and then no charge will apply. In rural areas where there is no kerb, just by front gate or road edge is good.





 important news on the future of tauranga  rubbish collection !

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