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  Waste collection is an essential service so Kleana Bins will be working as normal during the level 4       lockdown. The only change is that our office will not be open to the public.

Due to the COVID-19 Alert, Waste Management have closed their Recycling Plant until further notice. This means any recycling collected will be diverted to landfill. We will continue to collect recycling bins if they are out. If you prefer not to send your recycling to landfill then don't put your recycling bin out For the duration of the current alert we will not charge for recycling bins if they are not out.

We provide Full Service or Kerbside Collection of Rubbish and Recycling to residential, commercial and industrial customers. We do not ask for signed contracts and we don't charge cancellation fees after the first six months service.

Full Service Onsite rubbish collection means we collect your bin from wherever you keep it, empty it and return it fitted with a new liner.

Kerbside Collection means you put the rubbish bins out as close as possible to the edge of the road - we empty the rubbish bins, replace the liner and return to the same place.

"Locally Owned and Operated"

We are based in Mt Maunganui and only operate in Tauranga and Western Bay of Plenty districts. All Directors and shareholders are long-term local residents. 

important news on the future of tauranga  rubbish collection !

EASTER Rubbish collection
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Our three Options of Onsite Household Rubbish Removal include a Small Wheelie, Large Wheelie and a Drum.

Liners supplied with all our Rubbish Bins.

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Recycling makes sense and with your help we can make a big difference. We try to recycle as much as possible, in some urban areas we collect most of the recycling with a separate truck but many of our trucks are custom-built with a separate compartment for recycling.

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We can provide 120 litre or 240 litre wheelie bins for rubbish or recycling. Rubbish bins are supplied with liners.
Kerbside Rubbish Collection can be weekly, fortnightly or 4-weekly, the choice is yours.